Home use DVD and VOD are for individual and family use only.

Documentary on Demand $
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Watch Grown in Detroit on demand. Pay what you want to support the film and you will have on-line access to the documentary for one day.
  DVD, 60 minutes,
(NTSC - All Regions)
$ 19.95 + $ 4.95 shipping and handling.

[ZOOM TEXT] Warning: Home use DVD and VOD are for individual and family use only. The Home Use DVD and VOD are not licensed for use in universities, schools, public libraries or government agencies. It is a violation of copyright law to host a public screening of this film using a Home Use DVD or VOD. In order to stay legal and support the filmmakers who made Grown in Detroit, please purchase the Public Screening & Educational Viewing Rights


Screening & Educational Rights

If you hope to show Grown in Detroit in a public setting, or if you are a public or university librarian or educator hoping to purchase the film for ongoing use in your institution's lending library, you must purchase the Public Screening and Educational Viewing rights to the film. The costs below include both the DVD and all shipping and handling within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Please read here first what screening rights apply to your screening/educational use.

  Single-Use Viewing Rights $ 95 if no admission is charged
  Multi-Use Viewing Rights $ 245 if no admission is charged

If you intend to screen the film with an admission charged to the public, please contact us to discuss specially customized viewing rights.

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